"Engage The Brass Players to guarantee your Concert is unique, make your Corporate Event truly bespoke, or ensure your Wedding becomes the Society Wedding of the Year!"

The Brass Players

'The Brass Players' are highly skilled musicians with over 250 years playing experience between them (with not one admitting to being over 22!!). They have performed for royalty, appeared on worldwide hit records, in award winning feature films and on virtually every popular UK television and radio station both during the programmes and in the commercial breaks.They have toured extensively on all five continents and have featured live as soloists at many of the worlds leading venues, The Royal Albert Hall, The Sydney Opera House; The Royal Concertgebouw, The Paris Opera House and Wembley Stadium, to name just a few.

The Brass Players

Collectively, they are virtuoso musicians offering a thrilling musical experience that guarantees to leave audiences hungry for more! Versatility is the magical ingredient that makes this group ideal for your event, whether you require a stand alone concert, accompaniment for your choir, a popular music set around dinner, a Fanfare for the CEO and company's top performers, or classical music for your Church or Cathedral. With a repertoire ranging from Classical to Pop, and Rock to Baroque, you can ensure a melodious, magical and memorable event by engaging "The Brass Players"

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